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The Traditional Shotokan Karate Federation of Australia (TSKFA) is a Shotokan based and not for profit Karate organisation that is following the original teachings of the founder Gichin Funakoshi and the late Master Nakayama. 
The TSKFA truly believes that the number one principle "Never forget that karate begins and ends with respect" should be followed at all times. We also promote strong moral principles, traditional etiquette and the encouragement of goodwill and harmony among all karateka. We look forward to an exciting new future with the opportunity to train with like-minded Shotokan karate groups and foster an 'open-door' policy. TSKF members will be able to benefit from the following:


 Meet Pasco Costantino Sensei


I have known Pasco Sensei since 1986. He was my Sensei when I first started karate at the old PCYC building in Gregory Street, Geraldton, WA. For as long as I have known Pasco Sensei and long before then, he has been an avid karateka (practitioner of karate). Sensei Pasco's great passion and continuing commitment to karate have spanned over 38 years. In that time, he has been a student, an instructor, a competitor with significant achievements, an official, a Dojo head, a State President, a National Representative and director of TSKF Australia.

Incredibly he has managed to do all of this without material reward while at the same time working and raising a family. Karate has not just been a sport to him but a way of life and Pasco Sensei has touched the lives of many students over the years and has impressed upon them the moral and ethical philosophy of karate-do, not only in their karate but their personal lives as well. It is with honour I present an interview with Pasco Sensei. He spoke about his karate life with passion and enthusiasm but what was more notable was the pride he expressed of the growth and achievements of his students.

Click here to read Pasco Costantino Sensei's Interview 

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